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22 Jul

thebotanicbabe said: Love your podcasts! Just marathoned them all in a row! When will there be more?!

Interesting you should ask! We will have a new episode this Friday!!!

08 Mar


My image has been stolen and being used on Facebook diet ads for a company called Venus Factor. These ads are running throughout Facebook from more sources that I can report and have removed. My coworkers, friends and family are seeing these ads pop up. The company won’t help me on Facebook and told me to email them more, I already emailed them twice. So let’s send them some email!

Tell them why we won’t stand to have our image stolen for the profit of diet companies.

Fatties roll out!


This person’s image is being used without their consent to sell a product they do not support. It is disgusting, and a foul business practice. Please take a moment to send an email to this company telling them that we WILL NOT tolerate this kind of behavior.

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07 Mar

The Fatness Podcast - Episode 07 - March 7th 2014

In this episode we discuss or favorite snacks and our relationships with food.

Download Episode Seven
Runtime: approx 27min

03 Mar

nuchtchas said: Hi, you talked about clothing swaps on your latest episode, I'm trying to organize one for my local area and was wondering if you could tell me the big dos and don'ts? I know, bring enough clothing to remove, they can't take more than they bring. Is there a set amount of clothes normally meant to be the entrance fee? I assume anything left over gets donated to the local shelters, am I forgetting anything major? Thanks.

Ahhhh, clothing swaps are amazing! I’m so happy to hear you’re organzing one! 

If you’re active on facebook, I know that the PDX fat community has really taken off by making groups and event pages and staying connected that way, so if you haven’t already that may be a good place to start. 

For an entrance fee people do different things, I’ve heard of a one bag minimum, some people do a canned food donation, (one or two cans at the door type thing.) I’ve also seen a couple that had a one or two dollar entrance fee. I like the canned food drive, personally. 

Make sure there is a private area for a fitting room, and a full length mirror. Invite people to linger and socialize with snacks and beverages, play some tunes.

! Make sure you have two or three people willing to haul clothes to your  local thrift store, as there will likely be a lot left over !  

Other than that, it’s best to learn on the job. See what you like and don’t like from the first one, make changes, and take on volunteers! It’s a lot to take on by yourself, and other minds may have some really great ideas to make the day go smoothly. 

Hope this helps! 


03 Mar Get your munchies ready because the SNACK episode of The Fatness is coming! 

Be prepared!

Get your munchies ready because the SNACK episode of The Fatness is coming! 

Be prepared!